Monday, October 27, 2008

Oilers v. Bruins - 1 Samuel 17:8-11, 33-37

Chara stood in the opposing bench and taunted the Oilers. “I am the Bruin champion, but you are only the midgets of MacT. Choose one man to come down here and fight me! If he defeats me, then we will be disheartened and lose the game, but if I defeat him, the momentum will be on our side, and you will be embarassed in your own rink! I laugh in the face of MacT's midgets! Send me a man who will fight me!” When MacT and the Oilers heard this, they were terrified.

"Don't worry about this Bruin" said the Huggy One to MacT. "I'll go fight him."

MacT answered the Huggy One, "You can't go and fight this Bruin. You're too young and inexperienced—and he's been in the fighting business since before you were born."

The Huggy One said, "I've been in the OHL and watched over the boys. Whenever an Ice Dog or Colt came and took a rookie from our midst, I'd go after him, knock him down, and rescue the lamb. If my adversary turned on me, I'd grab him by the throat, wring his neck, and kill him. Ice Dog or Colt, it made no difference—I killed him. And I'll do the same to this Bruin pig who is taunting the Oiler bench. Yahweh, who delivered me from the teeth of the Ice Dog and the limbs of the Colt, will deliver me from this Bruin."

MacT said, "Go. And God help you!"


Vic Ferrari said...

You kill me, Scott. Terrific stuff again.

Scott said...

Thanks much Vic.