Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oilers v. Canucks - Psalm 27:1-3

Yahweh is our salvation -
so why should we fear superior goal differential?
Yahweh is our light -
so why should we be afraid of the league's leading scorer?

Oilers v. Avalanche - Luke 18:15-17

Some people started bringing members of one of the youngest teams in the NHL to Jesus to have him touch them so that they could be blessed after a season of trials. When the Oilers - who were diligent followers of Jesus - saw this, they started to rebuke these people.

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Oilers v. Sharks - Psalm 3:1-8

Yahweh, there are many who stand against us,
there are many who circle around us, like Sharks,
ready for the kill.
All of our enemies are saying,
"God has abandoned them!"
and they destroy us.

Oilers v. Penguins - Melody of McGuire 5:2-8

Last night I was asleep,
but my heart was awake!
Listen! I heard him! And I spoke aloud:
"Score for me my countryman, my Olympic captain,
my El-Kabong, my flawless one!"
My head was drenched with sweat,
my hand with the wetness of the night.

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Oilers v. Predators - Proverbs 19:4-6

A man with great wealth can afford his many friends, but a poor man's friends will leave him for greener pastures.

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Oilers v. Blue Jackets - Psalm 118:21-25

Let us give thanks to Yahweh who answers our prayers,
who remains our only hope for salvation.
The top pick that the Jackets rejected
has played on the top line!

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Oilers v. Coyotes - Philippians 2:12-18

Therefore, my dear Edmontonians, as you have always attended games - not only during winning seasons, but also during losing seasons - continue to attend the games with fear and trembling, for it is God who will decide if Edmonton remains worthy as the location for his chosen team. Yes, you must continue to cheer the team on and spend your money without complaint or argument so that God will see you as pure and blameless through all of the team's struggles.

Oilers v. Sharks - Job 41:1-11

"Can you defeat the Sharks with these players
or prevent them from scoring with these goaltenders?
Can you score a goal against their formidable defence,
or stop an offence that is lead by some of the best players in the league?

Oilers v. Flames - Obadiah 16-21

"Just as you Calgarians look down of the Oilers now, so every team will look down upon you when Yahweh redeems his people. Yes, every coach will circle games against Calgary on the schedule and say to himself, 'easy win.'

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oilers v. Maple Leafs - Leviticus 26:36-39

As for those of you who are still left cheering for this team, I Yahweh will make you fearful of the talents even of the Maple Leafs. Yes, even this pathetic and accursed organization will be reason to fret.

Oilers v. Flames - Obadiah 7-15

"All of your fans will turn on you; those who once purchased your jerseys will cry out and complain; those who have been eating from the hand of Sutter will turn around and betray him sneakily but he will not perceive it. In that day," declares Yahweh, "I will laugh at the downfall of Calgary's upper management, the men who once sat high and mighty in the pressbox will be brought low."

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Oilers v. Canucks - Matthew 12:15-21

Aware of their desire to destroy him, Quinn no longer spoke to members of the Vancouver organization. It turns out that it wasn't only Penner that was inspired by him. Many others were pleased with Quinn, especially his willingness to speak about the things the team was lacking. Unlike others in the organization, it seemed to them that Quinn was willing to tell the truth.

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Oilers v. Wild - Titus 3:1-11

Remind the players that they ought to be subject to their coaches, obedient, ready to do whatever it takes to win, not slandering the performance of others but being good leaders in the room and humbly acknowledging their own faults in an effort to improve.

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Oilers v. Blues - Mark 3:13-19

Quinn went up on a mountainside and called a closed-door meeting for his most important players. He appointed six - designating them as leaders - that they might be with him and that he might sometimes ask them to preach his message of commitment, heart and rolling lines, giving them authority over those demonic teams from other cities like the Blues, Wild and Canucks.