Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brian Burke - King of Verbal Diarrhea

This is Brian Burke on April 14th:

"We'll immediately attempt to move up. We're going to talk to everyone between us and the first pick and see what the landscape is. We're going to see what it costs and we're going to try and move up... No player is untradeable, Wayne Gretzky got traded."

And this is Brian Burke on May 13th addressing rumours he might be in talks with Tampa Bay:

"I would ask our fans to say, 'okay, does it make sense for anyone to acquire $17 million in [Ryan Malone's] salary to move five places in the entry draft?' And the answer is no. That's a trade that has never been discussed... Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle - two top-two defencemen - to move five places...does that make any sense to anybody? The answer is no. It's a lot of noise, it's a lot of aggravation and when you actually analyze what's proposed or what's available or what the rumour is, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, either one of them... It's only May, I can't imagine what this will be like once [the entry draft] gets closer."

Why are you guys talking about the draft in frakking May? Why would people be speculating about good players like Kaberle being traded? It's all just ridiculous!

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