Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coaching News!

So according to James Mirtle the Edmonton Oilers have hired a new (old) coach and it's the first guy that I profiled in this space, Pat Quinn. I said at the time that I thought he was a likely candidate and that he wouldn't be a bad choice and I'll stand my that assessment. Some of Black Dog's comments in that post have me hoping that Rick Ley doesn't come with him. Mirtle is saying that Tom Renney is apparently going to be one of the assistants and Jim Matheson had said that it's likely at least one of MacT's old assistants would be staying. So let's hope it's good-bye Bucky and that Huddy is sticking around which would mean no Ley! I guess we'll know in about five minutes so speculating isn't really worthwhile. Assuming it is Quinn at the top and that Renney is coming with him this could be a very good combination. Quinn teams are usually a gritty and fun to watch. Renney teams tend to outshoot but have lower percentages. Quinn isn't afraid to raise his voice and Renney is generally seen as a player's guy. The only downside: we're the Canucks... hopefully that means Luongo is next.

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