Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oilers v. Stars - Isaiah 14:18-23

All the great players of other teams are exalted,
lifted to the rafters and honoured by fans.
But you exile your hero to Russia
like a loathsome cap hit.
Wandering the outskirts of hockey relevance,
he is forgotten.
You have neglected his proper exaltation
and have trampled his memory under your feet.

Preceded by: Oilers v. Stars - Isaiah 14:3-11 and Oilers v. Stars - Isaiah 14:12-17


Jibblescribbits said...


Just a quick aside, I was wondering if you you were putting the Avs Scoring chances at ES together for games 21-30? I'm working on a post about the Avs and I'd like to review that if you're going to have it soon.

Especially Wolski's when compared to other Avs...


Scott Reynolds said...

As I'm sure has become obvious I've fallen somewhat behind in my watching of the Avs games so far. At the moment, I think the 21-30 for the Avalanche will probably be ready to go by sometime early on Thursday. I realize that data is a whole lot more helpful when it's timely so hopefully I'll be able to fully catch up over the next week.

As for Wolski, over the first two segments he was a killer.

Jibblescribbits said...

Thanks. Thursday works great. And no worries about falling behind. It was more curiosity, and if you weren't going to be able to have the data, I'd rely on 1-20.

I know Wolski has been killer, but there's a certain sentiment among Avs faithful that he has been lazy and lacking and that he should be benched. I find it preposterous and I'm going to use your data to show why.

Thanks again, this is great data and I'm glad you do this.