Friday, April 17, 2009

Craig MacTavish - 2 Samuel 11:14-17

In September Kevin had a meeting with Steve about MacTavish. In the meeting Lowe said, "Put MacTavish in the front line where the criticism is fiercest. Then, if things do not go well, withdraw from him so that only he will be struck down and die." So Kevin and Steve left MacTavish to take the criticism. When it was clear that the Blues, Ducks, Predators and Wild had all passed Steve's team by, some of the men in Kevin's army were bound to fall and MacTavish, the Silver Fox, was fired.


Jonathan Willis said...

So who's Bathsheba in this analogy? Chris Pronger?

Scott said...

Willis! I'll admit that she was strategically left out... though if Huddy becomes the next head coach he'd make an excellent candidate! So for now I'll go with that.