Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oilers v. Flames - Lamentations 1:1-3

How deserted lies the Oilogosphere,
once so full of hope!
Our team is a forsaken lover,
lusted after in her youth,
A queen among the Canadian cities
and now she has been enslaved to mediocrity.

Weeping bitterly through the night,
tears of sorrow fall down her cheeks.
Among all her fans
none will comfort her.
All her fans have betrayed her;
the boos ring out, they are now her enemies.

After another season without playoffs,
Edmonton has gone into exile.
Players come and go from all the nations;
soulless mercenaries and petulant youth.
Every team in pursuit has overtaken her
in the midst of her distress.


dstaples said...

Scott, any notice on when we will get season totals for scoring chances.

I look forward to these more than any adults should.

Scott said...

Ha! Yeah, David, I should have them out in the next few days, maybe even later tonight.

Black Dog said...

Terrific stuff Scott, I presume you will be about this summer but wanted to say how much I enjoyed these.

Scott said...

Thanks Black Dog. I certainly will be around throwing the odd bit up during the summer too. Maybe even throw some of my theological research up there. If you've got anything you're curious about (like which hymns take their melody from drinking songs) let me know and I'll probably be able to put something together.